Friday, January 7, 2011

Wings Workshop on the Go

I LOVE the Wings Workshop on the Go for so many reasons. I will just share two (though I might share some more next week!)

1. Paper: The paper is beautiful and very versatile and it has a polka-dotted paper, oh how I love polka-dots!

2. Spray pen: I love this NEW product (that you can't buy until February unless you buy the Wings Workshop on the Go). This pen is so easy to use and way too much fun, I mean I was giggling while using it and trying to figure out what else I could spray.

Okay so onto some pictures of this amazing kit. I am just posting the scrapbook layouts and will post the cards next week when I am running a giveaway (that is right I am giving this kit away next week so come back to enter to win!)

Page one of the scrapbook layout taught in the brochure

Page two of the scrapbook layout taught in the brochure

Page one of the additional scrapbook layout

Page two of the additional scrapbook layout

Close up of what the spray pen does (More on this after the photos!)

(Close up of what the spray pen does and wait for it......

A hidden photo! I just used some ribbon as a hinge to add another photo to this layout. I used maybe 2 inches of ribbon to do this, 1 inch for 2 hinges. I saw this technique in the Magic How to Book, which is also where this layout comes from.

Okay back to the spray pen. It is amazing. All you do is fill it up to the seven line on the outside of the pen with water, then you add enough re-inker to get to the nine line and then add 2-3 pea size drops of pearl paint. Then shake, dance (okay the dance is optional but it is fun!) and spray. Every spray is different and because we add in the pearl paint it has a fun shimmer look without having to deal with glitter (which I really love to play with, but sometimes the hubby doesn't like getting glitter on him when I give him a hug after scrapbooking, I don't know why :)!

So products that I used to complete these pages
G1016 Wings Workshop on the Go $29.95 (retail $34.15)
Wings Workshop Kit (includes):
Wings Level 2 Paper Packet ($12.95)
My Acrylix® Wings Workshop ($13.95)
Mini-Medley Accents Black Collection ($4.95)
Spray Pen (1) ($1.30)
Workshop Guide ($1.00)

E1019 My Acrylix® Bohemian Alphabet $34.95 (If you buy the Workshop on the Go in the same order as this stamp set you will be able to buy it for $25, check out the Inspirations brochure online to see what other great deals you can get this month! I will be hilighting some of them throughout the month.)

Z2257 Vineyard Berry Exclusive Inks® Re-inker $4.25

Z2157 Vineyard Berry Exclusive Inks® Pad $5.25

Z2105 Black Exclusive Inks® Pad $5.25

Z1039 Create-a-Shade® Pearl Paint $2.95

And blocks, I actually just used what I had and not these specific blocks, but these are the recommended ones:
Y1000 1" × 1" My Acrylix® Block $3.95
Y1005 1" × 6 1/2" My Acrylix® Block $6.50
Y1006 3" × 3" My Acrylix® Block $8.50

Once again come back next week to find out how you can win this kit!


Wendy@Craft Goodies said...

Just look at your sweet babies! Beautiful pages,thanks for the support-

KeriLyn and Matthew said...

cute pages.....i really need to get back at it!!!!