Friday, May 18, 2012


I know that a lot of families have had this same experience, the one where your newborn is in the NICU. In some ways I enjoyed my time there because it allowed me to have some one on one time with him (and because the nurses let me sleep more than my 1 year old at home would have.) But I also hated the time we spent there because I missed us being together all the time and being a family. I missed those fun moments when they are a day or two and you get to snuggle with them and your other children just want to hold them. Oh the joys and hardship of the NICU. Well needless to say those moments are over for little Will and he will soon turn two (where did the years go?) He has grown so much and as a family we have grown. Hopefully we never have to experience the NICU again! This layout is from the Pemberley workshop on the go available here

Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Girls

Okay so I thought after the sap fest yesterday we might as well keep it going! I love my girls and I love spending time with them (though I also enjoy my me time!) These girls make me laugh and they make me cry at least once a day. So when I found these pictures of them playing nicely at the Newport Aquarium (also known as Oregon's Aquarium) I just sighed. If only they played nicely together everyday (I know all the moms out there are saying YES, IF ONLY!). So if your littles are playing nicely today grab the camera and snap that picture and journal about it. That way when they are screaming at each other tomorrow you can remember that yesterday was better and tomorrow will probably be another good day. By the way this layout and the one from yesterday are from the Florentine Workshop on the go available here.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Simple things

My life seems to be built on simple things lately. I have come to take joy in the little moments that happen in my life everyday. I recently read an article (many of you might have as well, and SORRY I didn't save it!) that talked about Karos moments vs. Chronos time (sorry I am pretty sure I can't spell!) Anyway, so Karos moments are those ones that make time stand still and make you think, WOW I am blessed. I love those moments. Last July we took a trip to California and spent some time with my family. On a few of those days I went to the Close to My Heart Convention (which was amazing and I am really bummed about missing this years, but something about a sister in law coming home after 18 months takes center stage this July!). Creed was good and took pictures for me to see what I missed. When I look at these pictures of my girls enjoying the ocean and the breeze, I feel sad that I missed it, though I wouldn't go back and change a thing. It just helps me remember to stop and take a picture of them enjoying the simple things today, so here I go to take a picture, maybe you will do the same!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


My little Sarah girl has so many questions. Everyday we answer at least 20 questions (and yes sometimes I feel like I should be playing that game!) She is so anxious to learn about the world that she lives in. Sometimes I love the questions and other times I don't know how to answer, and it makes me feel a little dumb (please tell me I am not the only one like this!) I love her funny questions, but my favorite questions are the ones that deal with her knowledge of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (yup we are mormons!). She usually comes home from church with lots of questions and one Sunday I decided to document the moment. I loved how Creed got down on her level to answer the questions, and I love how she then just sat on the ground with him. I love these little life moments and am so glad I captured this one. So go capture one of those little moments that seem to happen all the time.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dotty for You 10 page workshop

I am so excited about this time of year. Here in Washington it we are starting to see more and more sun, flowers and children playing in the yards. I love the colors of spring and the excitement of summer approaching with berry picking, playing at the park and summer vacations. Last year our family went on a trip to Disneyland (and so that I could attend Close to my Heart's convention, oh my was it fun!). When Tresa Black posted about her 10 page workshop (using the Footloose paper pack)and with Close to My Heart's announcement of the Dotty for you paper pack, I knew I was going to get last year's vacation scrapbooked in a jiffy! So I thought that I would share my knowledge and hard work with all of you. The cool thing about this workshop is that you can order and have everything come to you and it uses full packs of embellishments, and paper. Meaning you can take part from your very own home! Or you can come to a fun filled evening at my house in June (just email or call me to reserve your spot). What do the layouts look like? Here you go:

So what do you need to complete the workshop? Well here is the supply list:

2 colonial white 6 packs (X5901)

Pink Assortment buttons (Z1370 OR Green Assortment buttons (Z1372)

Baker's Twine: Paradise collection (Z1702)

1 Dimensional Elements Stars (Z1680)

1 package Opaques Adhesive Gems: Pearl (Z1336)

Eclectic Alphabet (Z1395)

Keepsake Felt Alphabet (Z1696)

Dotty for you Paper pack (CC1017)

All of these items will bring your total to $35.90, which qualifies you to get the Dotty for you Paper pack for $5. Bringing the total for this workshop to $40.90 before shipping and tax (which will be different for everybody depending on your tax rate.) Some other things to consider purchasing are the 3-D Foam tape (Z1151), glue dots, grey wool (Z2125) and lagoon (Z2195) ink as well as a sponge (Z697) or sponge daubers (Z726), Prisma Glitter (Z134) or Stardust Glitter Glitz (Z1313). The glitter is really optional, but really fun to play with! These are all items I used to add distressing, depth and color to the layouts. You will also need your favorite adhesive and a paper cutter. The cricut cartridge (Z1686) is also used, but Tresa supplied some templates to use if you don't have a cricut or the cartridge.

If you decide to participate in the workshop I will send you the directions for Tresa's workshop through email as well as some information from me with which papers to use where (because the instructions will be using the Footloose paper pack) and other helpful hints that I found while doing the workshop. So how do you go about ordering? Just follow the following steps:

1. Go here

2. Click Join on the Dotty Workshop under gatherings

3. Order the supply list above (if you already have some of the items go ahead and use what you have and just order enough other product to get your order to the $35 requirement to get the Dotty paper pack).

4. Place your order.

5. Email me and I will send you the other documents needed to complete the workshop. (Note: Please allow a couple of days)

If you are wanting to participate with me here in Battle Ground, Washington, or if you and your girlfriends want to plan a night of it locally just email or call (, 360-619-2580)to reserve your spot. I am planning on holding the workshop on the 23rd of June from 8-11 pm. If you are attending locally please have your paper cut and distressed as well as your stars covered with paper or ready to go for inking. That way we can glue everything and embellish and finish before the evening is over.

If you are a consultant and would like to complete this workshop please email or call me for details. Thanks!

Happy Scrapping!