Friday, May 18, 2012


I know that a lot of families have had this same experience, the one where your newborn is in the NICU. In some ways I enjoyed my time there because it allowed me to have some one on one time with him (and because the nurses let me sleep more than my 1 year old at home would have.) But I also hated the time we spent there because I missed us being together all the time and being a family. I missed those fun moments when they are a day or two and you get to snuggle with them and your other children just want to hold them. Oh the joys and hardship of the NICU. Well needless to say those moments are over for little Will and he will soon turn two (where did the years go?) He has grown so much and as a family we have grown. Hopefully we never have to experience the NICU again! This layout is from the Pemberley workshop on the go available here

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