Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Girls

Okay so I thought after the sap fest yesterday we might as well keep it going! I love my girls and I love spending time with them (though I also enjoy my me time!) These girls make me laugh and they make me cry at least once a day. So when I found these pictures of them playing nicely at the Newport Aquarium (also known as Oregon's Aquarium) I just sighed. If only they played nicely together everyday (I know all the moms out there are saying YES, IF ONLY!). So if your littles are playing nicely today grab the camera and snap that picture and journal about it. That way when they are screaming at each other tomorrow you can remember that yesterday was better and tomorrow will probably be another good day. By the way this layout and the one from yesterday are from the Florentine Workshop on the go available here.

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