Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Simple things

My life seems to be built on simple things lately. I have come to take joy in the little moments that happen in my life everyday. I recently read an article (many of you might have as well, and SORRY I didn't save it!) that talked about Karos moments vs. Chronos time (sorry I am pretty sure I can't spell!) Anyway, so Karos moments are those ones that make time stand still and make you think, WOW I am blessed. I love those moments. Last July we took a trip to California and spent some time with my family. On a few of those days I went to the Close to My Heart Convention (which was amazing and I am really bummed about missing this years, but something about a sister in law coming home after 18 months takes center stage this July!). Creed was good and took pictures for me to see what I missed. When I look at these pictures of my girls enjoying the ocean and the breeze, I feel sad that I missed it, though I wouldn't go back and change a thing. It just helps me remember to stop and take a picture of them enjoying the simple things today, so here I go to take a picture, maybe you will do the same!

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