Thursday, February 3, 2011

February Stamp of the Month

Happy February everyone! If you haven't checked out the NEW Idea Book just go to my website using the button on the right. There are a ton of new and fun things! I have been having a blast with it thus far and am so excited to keep creating with such wonderful products!

One of my favorite stamp sets is the February Stamp of the Month. It is wonderful for backgrounds when you need an elegant feel. I have done a few projects with it and thought that I would share them with you. Today I will share my new bathroom decorations.

Here is the center piece of my wall art (sorry you have to turn your head to make it right side up!). I used a 12x12 petal cardstock to make the paper rose. I used a White Daisy cardstock, black stamp pad and the February stamp of the month to create the background. For the butterflies I used a Juniper stamp pad and January's stamp of the month.

I also added a little sparkle to the butterflies with a bonding glue pen and some prisma glitter.

My walls are pretty bare and I knew that they needed a little something more, so I decided to use some blank canvas I had laying around. I used two 8x10. I painted them white and then mixed some white paint, Create-a-shade Pearl paint and some Juniper re-inker (so that the butterflies matched the ones I stamped earlier) and a stencil from Walmart.

I am really excited about how these all turned out!

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