Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Already announced retirements

Okay so I have been busy scrapbooking and I will post some pictures soon, but I got an email a few days ago from Close to My Heart's corporate office with a little note saying that a few favorite products will be retiring at the end of this NEW Idea Book (which you can view when you click here.

The first is the How-To Books

This is a little bit of a bummer because I use these daily, I LOVE them, each and every one of them, so get yours before they retire June 30th, 2012. I am a little bummed, but I am also really excited because once Close to My Heart retires something they always have something better coming, so I am looking forward to the something better!

The second thing to retire is the markers, so get the ones you are wanting before they are also gone July 1st. This also means that something better is coming!

The third item is the cardstock color shade combo packs, these too will be gone July 1st, so get them while you can!

Happy Scrapbooking!

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