Monday, December 8, 2014

12 Days of Christmas Double Time

I am so sorry I have left you guys in the dark for so long!  I finally got home from our trip last Thursday at 2 in the morning.  Needless to say I was brain dead for the day.  Friday was crazy busy getting ready for a bazaar at the local elementary school.  Saturday I was busy with Christmas shopping and grocery shopping and Sunday is my day of rest.  So here we are on Monday with 12 days of Christmas left.  That kind of ruined my plan for a nice slow 12 days of Christmas Close to My Heart deals.  We are going to double time it if that is okay with you :).  Remember these deals are only through me, and the deals are only available on the day they are posted.  I will try and send out some emails to so that you really get some good notification on what the deals are.  To get them you will have to call, email or text me saying that you want one of the deals or both and any other information that I might need to get it ordered for you.  On Saturday night I will submit everyone's orders so that they can get to you hopefully by Christmas.  Most likely you will be at or above the $50 mark after our 12 days of Christmas so make sure you have a list handy of all the D or C sized stamps that you want out of the Annual Expressions for $10.

Are you ready to get started?

Today's deals are:

Any My Crush Album priced at $12.95 is $11

These make perfect Christmas presents!  You can either give them away blank inside or put together a fun album that helps your loved one remember some fun times you have had together.  These make perfect baby books, vacation albums, journals etc.  If you have a senior in high school get them one to help them document all of their fun moments of their last year in high school.  These are so fun and easy to put together and I know that you will love them and so will anybody that receives this as a gift this year.

Deal #2 is along the same lines:

The My Crush Holiday Happenings Album is $15
(normally $17.95)

I have HUGE plans for this book this year.  We are doing a "Memory Christmas" this year.  This means that my kiddos are not getting many presents this year.  In fact they are all getting a small toy (no more than $15), a book and a present from Santa.  Then we are going to spend the money that we would have spent on presents on making memories.  We are planning on going to the local YMCA, bowling, rock climbing, and maybe even some snowshoeing or cross country skiing.  Since we will be in Boise we might head up to McCall and try some tubing and sight seeing.  Everyday after our activity we will print the pictures and ask the kids to write down, their thoughts and feelings on the day onto some journaling cards.  So by the end of the Christmas season this book will be full and we will be able to look back and see the memories that we made Christmas of 2014.  Everyone is super excited about this idea and the kids can't wait till we get to start making some fun memories.

Remember these deals are only good today, so call or text (360-619-2580), or email ( me TODAY.

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