Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Memory Christmas Update

I have had a few questions as to what else we have done this Christmas for our Memory Christmas, I don't have any photos to share due to some computer issues.  Sorry!

Saturday ended up being a bit of a bust, kind of.  We headed out to IKEA to find storage for our Legos from Lego day, they didn't have anything that we liked.  Then we headed over to Target to find a new TV, but they didn't have the one that we wanted in stock.  So we looked for Lego storage and found some, and since we could get a TV so that we could do a movie night, we ended up getting a new game and doing a game night instead.  We grabbed some dinner from Burgerville and headed home.  We put all the Legos away and started the game night with the baby's favorite games, Ring A Round the Rosie and Duck Duck Goose.  After that we put the baby to bed and played our new game Sequence for Kids.  We popped popcorn and allowed everyone to eat as much candy as they wanted. The kids say it wasn't that much of a bust, but that they wish we could have gotten a new TV instead.

Sunday we did our usual church thing, and ended the night with some reading of our book for school, The Bronze Bow (which is a really good book, though I think it is over most of my kids' heads).

Monday was great, we got up I did my workout, and we all did yoga together.  Then we did our clean-up job of the day (general pick up and straighten).  This took all morning because some of the family didn't want to participate in the cleaning, not a huge surprise.  After lunch and nap time, we climbed in the car and headed to the Fort Vancouver Library for some letterboxing.  The kids LOVED it for the first 4 and then were done, which left me to see if I could find the other 4.  I ended up only finding one more and the place where two others should have been, but weren't.  We headed home where Creed then went on a date with our oldest.  They went out to dinner (Burgerville) and then brought a show home to watch (Barbie and the Secret Door).  I joined them for the show.  She loved being able to go and spend time with just her Dad and he said that it was great to get to talk just with her.

So far this Christmas idea has been great and everyone is excited about the coming days.  Creed and I are loving it and have decided that we might just do this sort of thing every year.

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