Saturday, December 27, 2014

Memory Christmas Lego Day

Day one of our memory Christmas is done and it was a blast! We started the day with some yoga:

Then we did our cleaning chore for the day, our school and craft room.  Then Lego day began. 

We started by sorting and putting together all of the sets that we had. During the sorting our little mister said, "when can I start building?" He is our master builder and having to sort was pure pain for him.

Then we opened the huge box of new sets. And got building.

The mister and his fire truck.

Here we have the girls and the Sunshine Ranch.

My oldest and Heartlake High.

Here are my musters and the B-wing from Star Wars.  Both of these guys are excited about how cool this thing is.  

We also included the baby: 

She is probably too young by everyone's standards, but there is no stopping this little from joining everybody in whatever they are doing, so we let her play with us and just etch her carefully. The funny thing is that she never puts Legos in her mouth and we find the older littles using their mouths all the time to take the Legos apart. Silly littles. Everyone except the baby stayed up till 10 building and playing and enjoying our time together.

The kids were so excited and had so much fun! We aren't sure what we are going to do tomorrow because we don't have enough snow for tubbing yet, we are hoping we can do that next week. So might be bowling, or swimming, or letter boxing, or just playing around.  I guess we will see tomorrow!

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