Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Organize Stamps with Evernote

Lately I have been doing a lot of scrapbooking, I think that the nesting phase is kicking in and I just HAVE to get more current on my scrapbooks.  This is actually fine with me, it helps me to not focus on all the crazy pregnancy stuff that is going on.  All this scrapbooking is making me wish I had a way to know which stamps I have and what images I have.  I also want to know what title stamps I have and what journaling or quote stamps are in my stash.  So I started doing a little search and came up with two FREE software programs/apps that can be my brain and keep track of my stamps.  The programs/apps are called Evernote and OneNote.  I decided to go with Evernote just because my husband uses it, and my laptop is kind of old and can't handle the software needed for OneNote.

I used the following video to help me get started.  I also set a small goal for myself so that I could keep moving on getting my stamp stash organized.  My goal was to put all my stamps into my Evernote Notebook from my Close to My Heart Large Organizer.

I found the video a little long winded, but did help me to know what steps to take and how to get started.   I am super excited about the search idea, how much easier it will be to run a search for butterfly and have a picture of all my stamps with butterflies and a note of where I am storing them.

Now some people have a lot of stamps (like hundreds), I don't have that many, mostly because if I am not using it I tend to sell it or give it to my daughter so she can use it, so the actual storage of my stamps is really simple.  I have one Large Organizer from Close to My Heart that has all my Everyday Life stamps (chevrons, travel, doily, birds, trees etc), Card making stamps, and Alphabet stamps.

I use the plastic dividers that you can also get through Close to My Heart to separate my stamps into the categories mentioned above.

I also have two of the My Acrylix Organizers that hold my stamps from the Workshops on the Go, and an unorganized one, that is going to get organized this week.

I thought I would share all of this because having things organized makes scrapbooking and cardmaking so my faster and simpler and easier, which is just how I like it!  Hopefully this helps someone and I will share a screen shot of my Evernote Notebook as soon as I am finished with it.

Happy Scrapbooking!

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