Monday, June 8, 2015

What to do with a My Crush Book

Have you seen my post about the June special?  It is an amazing deal, one that I am taking full advantage of and I hope you do to!

Here are the details in case you missed it: During the month of June, when you purchase any My Crush® book and its accompanying assortment pictured in Annual Inspirations 2014–2015, you will receive the coordinating stamp set FREE! That is a savings of at least $9.95 USD/$10.95 CAD! Choose from five lovely My Crush book offerings that will provide a swoon-worthy background for your favorite memories. From family reunions to camping adventures to holiday countdowns—and much more—you will be crushing on all these books and the possibilities they provide. This offer is only available while supplies last and once they’re gone, these books are gone for good, so put your orders in early to get your summer romance rolling today!

If you are wondering what to do with a My Crush book I have come up with a list of ideas for you:

Senior scrapbook (I have a scrapbook of my senior year and I cherish it!)
Vacation book (like my Disneyworld book shown here)
Baby book
Friendship book
Religion journal
Inspiration book
Summer book
Boy Scouts/ Girl Scouts book
ABC book
Year in review book
First year of marriage book
Adventure book
Favorite things book
Family History book (I think it would be so fun to have a book filled with pictures of a family member with memories and stories to go along with it)
Bucket list book (how fun would it be to have a bucket list book that you put pictures in of you completing your bucket list)
Missionary book (you may need more than one for this one!)

There are so many uses for the My Crush Books that I hope you fall in love with them like I have!  Here is the list of My Crush Books that are available and how you can get the free stamp set:

In the Pink:
Z2000 My Crush® In the Pink Book
Z2042 My Crush® In the Pink Assortment
B1465 My Acrylix® Glitter Glam

Z2001 My Crush® Wildwood Book
Z2040 My Crush® Wildwood Assortment
B1456 My Acrylix® Born to Roam

Holiday Happenings:
Z2098 My Crush® Holiday Happenings Book
Z2062 My Crush® Holiday Happenings Assortment
C1602 My Acrylix® Magical Moment

Z1855 My Crush® Modville Book
Z1886 My Crush® Besties Assortment
Z1887 My Crush® Best Day Ever Assortment
B1431 My Acrylix® Reel Life

Z1856 My Crush® Bluebird Book
Z1888 My Crush® Memories Assortment
Z1889 My Crush® Favorites Assortment
B1432 My Acrylix® Love This

Happy Scrapbooking!

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