Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Adding details in Studio J

Today's project is going to look a little than what I left you with yesterday. I just wasn't feeling the colors in the pictures with the color with the paper. So I switched to pictures of my husband's birthday. I only have 2 pictures from his birthday, mostly because I took a lot of video. So I picked a layout with two photos wells and that I liked the paper colors. Here is what I started with once I added the photos:
My next step was to change up the paper just a little to suit my tastes. To do this I clicked on the paper tab over on the left side of the webpage.
I just changed the color of the accented cardstock and the color of the cardstock that is behind the pictures. I wanted to add a little texture and felt that the green was a little too bright. The next thing I did was add a title using the My Stickease title. To do that I first deleted the title spot:
Next I added some color to the ribbon and metal accessories that were already on the page. I choose the color Thistle because then the color would pop. I also made the bow a little bigger by using the percentage drop down menu.
Next I added some embellishments from the My Stickease large selection. One of the presents that I added was a little bit big, so I used the percentage drop down menu again to make the present fit into the piece of cardstock that I wanted it to.
As I was putting together the cake Stickease I did the plate first, and then the top layer and then the middle layer. That layered the pieces in a way that made it look like one piece not three. I added the candle to the top of the cake and that made me want to move the Thistle metal embellishment to the left a little. Moving the hinge was easy, but I needed to zoom in to move all the little brads into their places. To do this I went to the top of the website and used the percentage drop down and moved it to 300%, then I used the slider bar at the bottom so that I could see what I needed to see.
All I have left is to add my journaling, as you might have noticed there is a vellum over the journaling area, to do that you click on the journaling and a box will pop up. Then you click on the little box of colors and I picked the Crystal Blue cardstock color so that it coordinated with the background cardstock.
And that is it. I now have a completed layout that took me 20-30 minutes to make and it is ready to go.
All I need to do now is buy it and hope that I am one of the lucky ones that gets a golden ticket or an album for free this month. To find out more details about today's special just go here. Let me know if you have any questions or neec help with a layout.

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