Thursday, November 13, 2014

Express Collections in Studio J

The Express Collections in Studio J are some of my favorite to work with. They are a collection of layouts that are all finished, all you do is add your journaling and photos and you are set. No need to figure out what paper you want, or what color to make something, it is all done for you. You can change them up if you would like and I will show you how. First, when you click on Express Collections this is what you will see next:
I am not sure why the Autumn/Winter 2013 Retreat isn't showing up right, but it is there. Today I decided to work on a few photos of my Little E, so I picked the Little Miss collection. I liked the first layout so I picked that one
I put my photos in and resized them using the percentage drop down menu. One thing that I love about this option of changing the picture size is that it tells me how big I can make the picture before it looks bad. It does this with the slider going from green (good) to red (bad) with yellow in the middle (warning, might not look how you want it to). I didn't have enough photos to fill all the photo wells, so I just changed two of the photo wells into journaling spots. This is really easy to do. You click on the photo well and the photo editing box will pop up, next you click on the square at the top of the box with a T and some lines:
Then add your text. I also changed the color of my text by selecting the color box at the top of the text editing pop up window. I picked Slate.
Then I wanted to have the text show up as if it was on a piece of White Daisy Cardstock so I clicked on the other color bloco box in the text editing pop up window and selected White Daisy.
And that is it, now my layout is complete and it took me all of 5 minutes. LOVE it!
Oh and just a reminder, Studio J is free to use, yup FREE, so why not log on and try it out today?

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