Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Last week for Tool Tuesday we talked about what basic supplies you need to start scrapbooking, what we didn't talk about was adhesives. So today we will tackle that topic and I will share what adhesives I use and love. I will also share where to get these adhesives for the best price.
Adhesives are really important in scrapbooking. You want something that will hope your pages together, something that is acid free and meant for archiving your memories. I also like adhesive that is easy to use (yes there is some out there that are hard to use!) Sometimes you will also want an adhesive that will give your layouts a little pop. I use three different adhesives every time I scrapbook. I use an ATG adhesive gun, glue dots and 3-D Foam Tape. Occasionally I will use a spray adhesive to help with really little things that are hard to get traditional glue onto.

I LOVE my ATG gun. It took me a really long time to decide to get one, but when I started going through 2-3 tombows in a day I knew that I needed something different. I got my gun on Amazon (click here). I get the refills for it on Tape Jungle. This adhesive is one that I use to glue most all of my photos and papers to my layouts. This is my go to adhesive.

I also use Glue dots a ton! I sell them through Close to My Heart (1772), but I do NOT recommend you get it from me. I know I just told you to not buy something from me, crazy I know. You can get these cheaper at any craft store, and most craft stores allow you to use a 40% off coupon as well. I use these to adhere ribbon and other embellishments. These are also great for smaller papers or things that you have stamped and are hard to use the tape gun on.

The last adhesive that I wanted to talk about is the 3-D Foam Tape. I use this one on almost every layout. It allows to me to add some dimension, to make my embellishments or my stamped images pop off the page. It is also really great and easy to use when I want to "hide" things behind other things. To do this I just put some of the 3-D tape on three of the sides. That way I can slide something, either journaling or another photo, behind an element on my layout, usually a photo . You can get other adhesives to do the same thing, but it is usually more expensive and not as easy to use, or it comes pre-cut which doesn't allow you to use it the way you might want to. The other thing that I love about Close to My Heart's is that it comes with two thicknesses, a skinny roll and a fat roll. It really makes it perfect for everything.

I hope this has helped to better understand adhesives and how to use them and what the best deals are. Let me know if you have any questions!

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