Monday, October 6, 2014

Scaredy Cat

I love the way this layout turned out. My favorite part might be the bats flying off the page. It also might be the moon and stars. I just can't decide! Anybody recognize the stamp set used to do the title? Yes it is the Handwritten stamp set and I love it! To make the bats look like they were flying off the page I just did some random stamping with just one of the bats from the bat border found in the Halloween Greetings stamp set (D1605). I found it easiest to put one bat on a block and leave the other bats just hanging. That way I only inked the bat that I wanted inked and I didn't end up with a ton of weird black ink marks on my layout. Also in case you were wondering I am always terrified to stamp directly onto a layout, but I faced my fears and did it anyway with this layout and I am so glad that I did. It ended up looking just the way I wanted it to. I hope you enjoyed your weekend and I look forward to posting tomorrow for Tool Tuesday!

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