Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tool Tuesday

You now have your basic tools and your adhesive and you are ready to get started scrapbooking. Let's start adding some embellishments and titles that you have stamped. So let's talk stamping supplies.
If you are using My Acrylix stamps from Close to My Heart or anybody else you are going to need some clear blocks. Close to My Heart has a great little starter kit that comes with three blocks: a 2x2, a 3x3 and a 2x3 1/2.
These are the three blocks that I use the most. I also use a 1x1 block (Y1000) and a 1x3 1/2 block (Y1002).
Another thing that you will need to get if you are stamping is a really good cleaner and stamp scrubber. Close to My Heart has a great cleaner and scrubber and I LOVE them. The cleaner comes in two ways, the first is a Spritz Cleaner (1778) and then you can get the refill for the Spritz (1779). The Scrubber (Z1782) is also handy and a must have so that you can wash your stamps. I have heard some people say that they use baby wipes, not a very good idea because of the different chemicals that they put on them. The chemicals can react to your acylix stamps and eat away at them, or weaken them, or shrink them etc. So a very bad idea. You can use just water if you would like, but the staining is going to be a bit more and it takes forever.

You are also going to need some inks or stamp pads. There are a couple of different kinds so we will tackle those next week. You are also going to need some stamps, those are totally personal preference, but I would highly recommend the Close to My Heart My Acrylix stamps for a couple of reasons. 1. They are thick, which means you will not tear them while you are trying to get them off of the clear plastic sheet that comes with them for storage. 2. They are easy to use. I can see through them, so I can see where I am trying to stamp, can't do that with a rubber stamp. 3. Close to My Heart has so many and they have a range of styles. You are bound to find at least one that you like, if not 20 :) 4. They are a great value. The most expensive stamps are the alphabets and they are only $29.95. Most come with an Upper case and a Lower case, so it is like getting two sets at that price. LOVE!

Hopefully this series is helpful and you are finding out what you are going to need to start scrapbooking or cardmaking. On a side note, Close to My Heart has run out of the Chevron Ribbon that they were giving out for FREE with every $50 order, so they are now giving away a FREE trim and it will be a surprise, so place your order today and see what fun comes in your box! Just click here. Let me know if you have any questions!

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