Tuesday, October 7, 2014

What do I need to start scrapbooking?

So you want to start scrapbooking, but you just aren't sure where to begin. You pick up a scrapbooking magazine and either they have a really long list of things you need, or nothing to help you get started. You turn to the internet and do you find what you need? Not really. I decided to start my new series called Tool Tuesday with a list of the basic tools that you will need to start scrapbooking or cardmaking.
1. Paper trimmer (Z1783)

A paper trimmer will allow you to cut your papers in nice straight lines. The easiest way to cut using a paper trimmer is to line the top of your paper up with the top of your paper trimmer. Line the left side of your paper with the number at the top of the trimmer. For instance if I am cutting a square 4x4 I would line the left side of my paper with the 4 at the top of the trimmer. Next turn your paper so that you are lined up with your other dimension, so for my example I would turn my paper and line it up with the 4 again and cut. You should then be left with a piece of paper the correct dimensions.

2. Scissors

Scissors are so useful in scrapbooking. I use mine to cut out images that I have stamped, to cut ribbon, to cut other embellishments, as well as to cut my 3-D tape. The best scissors for scrapbookers and cardmakers are micro-tip, this will give you are really small tip which is great for cutting out small images. Close to My Heart has some wonderful micro-tip scissors (Z1836) that are also non stick.

3. Ruler (Z1471)

I love having a ruler to scrapbook my layouts. It makes lining up the paper perfectly easy. I scrapbook a lot of layouts from the Make It From Your Hearts as well as the other How-To books that Close to My Heart has. The ruler allows me to line up my papers with the directions in those books. Close to My Heart has two rulers. I like the one that is a ruler, though the stick guide is nice as well. The ruler also has holes that you can punch through to sew straight lines as well as zig zag.

4. Embossing and piercing tool (Z2046)

I use my piercing tool for a ton of reasons. The first being to punch little holes when and where I need them and second it is very useful in getting sticky embellishments right where I need them. Close to My Heart's embossing and piercing tool is such a great value, an embossing tool and piercing tool in one.

5. Sanding kit (Z1294)

A sanding kit is really nice to help give your projects nice edges and dimension. I mainly use my sanding kit to edge the edges of my paper. This allows the white in Close to My Heart's cardstock show through, which gives my projects just a little texture and dimension. A sanding kit can also be used to smooth out any edges of embellishments or to rough up any embellishments that need a little more texture.
I hope that you enjoyed Tool Tuesday and that what I had to share was useful. If you have any questions just let me know!

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