Thursday, October 23, 2014

Flip Flaps meet My Crush

Here are some pictures of how I am using the Small Assortment of Flip Flaps (Z1747) in the Bluebird My Crush album (Z1856) that I have been sharing with you this week.
Flip Flaps are so easy to use. They come with a strip of white on one edge that you  just fold back. Slide in your photos. Take the strip of white off and place on your page. Tada! You have now added two more photos to your layout. If you want to add even more photos just add more Flip Flaps like I did above.
Here I just used one flip flap to add more photos of my littles on the Star Tours ride.
Lastly I was able to add another photo to this page of my oldest. These two photos were taken as a remake of ones we took of my oldest when we brought her to DisneyWorld when she was 18 months.

I am loving this project and how easy it is. I love the idea of one book for this vacation and cannot wait to finish.

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